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How Can The PersonBrain Model Help?


The training is PRACTICAL! In many instances, children and youth engage in behaviors that result in significant conflict or crisis. The PersonBrain Model provides easy to implement solutions for professionals that help prevent, and respond to, these intense situations through the A.C.T. Q.U.I.C.K.™ approach.  In addition, participants are taught therapeutic support strategies and how to apply The Model’s NeuroTransactional Reimbursements that support self-regulation, successful exposure to new experiences, positive interpersonal relationships, meeting basic biological needs, the acquisition of educational fundamentals and the importance of cultural responsiveness and integration in the transformation process.

Who Should Attend?

The PersonBrain Model™ provides universal, trauma-informed support skills that are designed to assist a wide variety of professionals working with challenging children and youth. Training will benefit:




Mental Health Professionals

Youth Workers

Behavior Analysts

Behavior Consultants

Residential Care Staff

School Resource Officers

Juvenile Justice

Foster Care Providers


Any person who works with challenging behaviors

"This training helped me understand the role of trauma, its effects on the brain and the impact this has on behavior and emotional presentation”

-LV, Ireland

“Hope leads to transformation!” -EB, Ireland

What is The PersonBrain Model?


The PersonBrain Model™ is a powerful, trauma informed care training that is strengths-based and provides essential positive behavior support skills within a NeuroTransactional Model. The NeuroTransactional care approach is grounded in research and incorporates the best of practical brain-based concepts, trauma-informed theories, relational practices, ecological psychology and culturally-responsive interventions to help transform challenging behaviors. Given its multi-theoretical design, The PersonBrain Model™ is compatible with a wide variety of training's your organization might already incorporate, helping to blend general practice into one, coherent model.


We believe that every child has the right to a life that is Safe, Significant, Respected and Related™...The PersonBrain helps to make that happen!


The Model’s unique combination of powerful therapeutic skills is designed to support the comprehensive needs of even the most challenging of children and youth. These therapeutic skills are helpful within school, residential care, juvenile justice, foster care and related settings that serve children and youth from troubled histories. 

This innovative training program teaches the essentials of how people interact with the brain, body, culture and environment to impact one's overall life experience. The PersonBrain Model is designed for PRACTICAL use by caring adults of any educational background.

                      The PersonBrain Model™ is...



Relationally Focused

Culturally Responsive




*Compatible with Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) on Tiers I, II and III.

"Helped me to conceptualize my clients in a different way."

-Molly L, Prevention Services, Modesto CA

Why Is The PersonBrain Model  different?

We believe that RELATIONSHIPS ARE KEY to transformation! The PersonBrain Model™ goes above and beyond typical behavior management training programs. Our focus is on CRISIS PREVENTION but the Model has more intensive supports should they become necessary to support children and youth in conflict or crisis! 

"The concrete experiences that he gave are very relevant, to look at the reason why a behavior is occurring and provide new, positive experiences."

-Janene A. Foster Parent, Perth Australia

Professionals who are trained in the necessary components of relational practice and brain-based supports make better decisions regarding support and intervention. We believe that all children and youth deserve to feel Safe, Significant, Respected and Related™ and our practices reflect that belief.  Research has proven that there is HOPE through the brain's ability to transform and become resilient! Throughout the training, participants will explore the importance of understanding how relational experiences impact brain and behavioral development. Emphasis is placed on participants acquiring NeuroTransactional knowledge and techniques that transform challenging behavior through targeted behavioral support strategies within a trauma-informed care framework.

The better that one understands how the various systems of relationships and the brain work, the more likely that experiential change be effective and efficient!

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In-Person Training

Online Training
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Organizational Consultation and Train-the-Trainer

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"The PersonBrain Model offers a clear way to think about proactively meeting the needs of others. It has given our staff a common language and an invaluable way of working with young people in an intentional and focused manner."
-James Freeman

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