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We Are Our Experiences, and Our Experiences Our US!

The PersonBrain Model is based on the most current research available. With that, we also value the experiences of those who have completed our training! If you have completed the training and care to share your experiences employing the skills of The PersonBrain Model within your setting, please share! If you are considering this training for yourself or your organization, please feel free to ask questions for our community to answer within the NeuroRelational framework!

Susie Q. Asks: What is the NeuroRelational Framework?

Anna G. Replies: Hi Susie! The NeuroRelational Framework is a model that views the person or student in their entirety! It is a model that considers the individual AND their life experiences, and goes on to provide strategies to better serve them with consideration to their strengths and needs within the model! It is a strengths based, positive approach to at risk children and youth.

Susie Q. Responded: Ok, great, what makes this any different from what I can find on the internet?

Gwen Stefani Replies: EVERYTHING! The PersonBrain Model not only introduces a new perspective on the behavior of at risk children and youth, but goes further to explain what is going on within the individual that leads them to engage in problem behaviors! This training teaches you the why behind the behavior, AND how to identify and respond in a therapeutic way!

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