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let’s build a community
Skill: Concept of Community; Collaboration

GRADES                                 1st-5th

2-5 sessions, 30-45 minutes each
REIMBURSEMENTS                        1.Relational                                     2.Academic
MATERIALS                                        1.Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran                                                   2. Discussion questions handout (included).                                   

3. Access to                         

4. Materials for building a town (assortment of boxes, twigs, sticks, rocks, sand, paper, etc.                                                                                                                             

RELATED ACADEMIC SUBJECT/ACTIVITIES                                    1. ELA - writing, literacy - point of view                                        

2. Social Studies -government/civics


 To introduce the concept of community
 To work collaboratively
 Write the word “Community” on the board. Ask:
What is a community?
 Accept all answers. Explain to the students that the class will be reading about a make believe community called “Roxaboxen”.
 Introduce vocabulary words. Choose from but not limited to: greasewood, ford, outlined, pottery, edged,whirling, raids, mayor, bridle, gallop, amethyst, whooping, blossomed, and decorated.
 Read Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran.
 After reading, have students answer discussion questions (handout). This can be completed as a group or individually. If completed individually, regroup and discuss the answers afterwards.
 Have a student look up the definition of a community and write it on the board.
Ask students:
Even though Roxaboxen was make believe, does it fit the definition of
         a community? Why or why not?
Give evidence that supports your answer.
Activities 1-3 Building a Community
For the remainder of the activities, students will be divided into small groups. They will remain in the same small group for all activities. They will work collaboratively to create their own town/community.

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